Circle Line XI Photo Album

Circle Line XI in 1958 (her first year as a passenger vessel)

Circle Line XI in 1958

Circle Line XI in 1983 (note modified bow for sleeker appearance)
A quarter-century later, and still going around in circles!

Circle Line XI in 1983

Top of port main engine

Top of port main engine

Main 120 volt DC switchboard, showing three 30 KW generator circuit breakers and main disconnect switches, and some of the distribution knife switches for various circuits

Main DC switchboard

Front of Winton engine showing gauge panel, reversing wheel and engine order telegraph

Front of main engine

Note the 1931 engines' lack of
ANY visible smoke at full speed!

Clean stack emissions

View between main engines

View between main engines

Operating controls

Ingersoll-Rand Type Twenty starting air compressor, 40 CFM @ 400 PSI

Starting air compressor

Top of #6 starboard M.E. cylinder head
Note sliding camshaft for reversing

Closeup of cylinder head

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