Other Circle Line Vessels

Circle Line VII, ex-LCI(L)-191

Circle Line VIII, ex-LCI(L)-179

Circle Line X, ex-LCI(L)-758

Circle Line XII, ex-USCGC Argo (WPC-100)

Circle Line XV, ex-USCGC Perseus (WPC-114)

Circle Line XVI, ex-USCGC Nike (WPC-112)

Circle Line XVII, ex-USCGC Triton (WPC-116)

The Beast

Circle Line VII, ex-LCI(L)-191:

A proud WWII veteran, Circle Line VII was the only one of the LCIs to maintain her original powerplant. Although pneumatic controls were added to enable pilothouse control, the original setup of two GM Quads (four 6-71s on each shaft) driving a reduction gear with individual dry disc-type clutches for each engine, and controllable pitch propellers for maneuvering, was retained, as were the two ship's service 120 volt DC generators and LCI switchboard.

Circle Line VII sitting at the dock
Engine control room. The air cylinders operate the throttle linkage and pitch control switches automatically as controlled by the Captain, but the engine order telegraphs and manual controls remain as backup.
Each engine can be unclutched individually, thus providing a high degree of reliability, since in most cases you can quickly take a defective engine off line and still run normally on the other three engines.
Main and auxiliary machinery power is 120 volt DC, provided by a pair of 20KW  2-71 generators turning at 1200 RPM.
The main DC switchboard. There is an automatic transfer relay that transfers the vital loads (engine room lights, electric steering, control air compressors, etc.) to the backup DC generator if the main generator bus voltage fails while both generators are running (it is standard procedure to use both in confined waters).

A GM 1-71 (yes, there were such things, made on special order for the Navy) was added by Circle Line as an AC generator, later replaced by a pair of 2-71s for more AC power for the snack bar and DJ music setups.