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Who was Trillian?
Trillian was a North American gray wolf (an endangered species) who was born in captivity, was alpha female at the Philadelphia Zoo for years, and spent her retirement years at Wolf Park, a non-profit educational facility in northern Indiana.
Why have a Trillian page?
I have been a volunteer at Wolf Park for years, and Trillian was my favorite wolf. I feel that by learning about her and other "ambassador" wolves in captivity, myths about wolves can be dispelled and people will realize that we can protect endangered predators like wolves without causing undue hardship to ranchers and others who -- like wolves -- live off the land. Places like Wolf Park that study wolf social behavior close-up and educate both individuals and groups about these magnificent, though unfairly maligned, creatures help provide details of pack life. These details enable scientists studying wild wolves to "fill in the blanks" of pack social life that are impossible to adequately observe during field research of such shy animals.

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