LCI Drydock Pictures

Here is Circle Line VII out of the water at the May Ship Repair facility in Staten Island, NY.
A stern view shows the twin rudders.
Here is a different angle that shows how the propellers are somewhat protected by the shape of the hull, which tapers upward going aft. This lessens the chance of damage when beaching the ship for troop deployment.
This side view shows the curvature.
Another angle.
This is looking aft from under the "tunnel" part of the hull.
Here is a closer view of the port propeller. Note the shape of the blades, which are designed to seek the ahead pitch naturally when the pitch rod is slackened, lessening stress on the mechanism since the majority of underway time is going ahead.
The "bullet" bearing (named for its shape), mounted on its strut, supports the aft end of the controllable-pitch propeller.

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