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By now, the console was complete and tested by operating each control and comparing the output signals against the master address list for the control system. The MIDI output was tested by playing a digital MIDI keyboard from the organ console.

Water damage on windchest
(photos on this page courtesy Guzowski & Steppe)


The windchests were in good condition until our warehouse roof leaked during Hurricane Wilma and the area flooded putting several inches of water on the floor. A few of the chests had end boards warped (they were stored on their sides for space considerations) and the primary leathers on the wet ends were damaged. Several of the reservoirs also had to have at least some of the leather replaced.

This part of the job was best left to professionals who had the experience to properly evaluate what needed to be done. A local organbuilding firm, Guzowski and Steppe, who had been consultants for the whole project and who designed the chest layout plans for the new church, went to work replacing the worn parts. They found that the internal chest leather was in remarkably good condition for a 40-year-old organ, but disassembled all the chests and either replaced or resealed things as necessary. 

Below is a sample of water and rot damage to a corner gusset on a reservoir.



The reservoirs were overhauled as necessary.




New chest supports had to be made




One of the main windchests with bottom boards removed

The white retainers hold the pitman discs in place


Inside of smaller chest




Although this part of the job entailed considerable time and expense, it ensured that we will have a reliable organ for decades to come.

Obviously, it is far easier to examine and replace things as needed when the windchests are in a shop than it is to try to do it in a cramped organ loft with chests and pipes in place.

At last the major parts of the organ were all ready to be installed in the new church. We were finally on the home stretch and knew we would hear the first notes soon.


Final Preparation

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