The New Church

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Once plans for the new church building were approved, construction began with a ceremonial digging of a shovelful of dirt from the parking lot behind the existing church, where the new building would be located.

The empty field to the east would provide parking space so that services could continue in the old building as long as possible. In fact, it was only well into construction, when the rear wall of the old church had to be opened for the tie-in to the adjoining narthex of the new one, that services had to be moved to the parish hall.

Here are a few pictures of the construction:


Concrete blocks with metal roof framing

Old church at left connects at narthex



Stained glass goes in vertical windows

Organ tonal openings are above altar



The wooden ceiling reflects the sound well

Organ console pit



The organ loft is in the part of the building seen at left.

The room is about 32 feet wide and 20 feet deep. Because of the sloping roof, the longest pipes were placed on their offset chests near the center of the room. Fortunately, they just fit without remitering them.

The blower and main reservoirs are on the first floor directly under the loft. Access to the pipes is via a heavy duty pull-down stairway..


As construction progressed, the building started looking less like an empty shell and more like a house of worship. We knew the acoustics would be as good as promised. The tile floors and wood ceilings mirror sound well, and the roughly hexagonal shape provides even sound reflection. Best of all, the only sound-absorbing carpet is in the chapel, which has large glass windows looking into the church, and doubles as a crying room for screaming infants.

One of the problems in South Florida is the threat of hurricanes. The church was built to the stringent South Florida Building Code.

The stained glass windows are covered on the outside with a transparent protective covering so they can withstand winds well over a hundred miles per hour.


Stained glass laid out for framing


Some of the stained glass windows installed\


View from right side


Narthex at rear connects to old church building



Windows at rear of main church


With the church now built, we thought we could go right ahead with the organ installation, Unfortunately, there were still a few bridges to cross first...


Console Rebuilding

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