The Dorothy N. Bailey Memorial Pipe Organ

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Born Dorothy Elizabeth Neideck in New York City, she graduated from Columbia University Nursing School and continued her studies at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, eventually becoming a Registered Nurse Anesthetist.


Following her marriage to Capt. C. W. Bailey, a now-retired U.S. Coast Guard officer, she pursued a musical avocation as oboist, pianist and organist.

Not wanting to be tied down to a fixed Sunday schedule, she preferred substitute work as organist, which had the additional advantage of providing experience in a wide range of liturgies styles. She enjoyed playing all styles of classical repertoire, but in addition to Bach and the other Baroque masters, she was especially fond of 20th-century French organ music, especially the works of Messiaen and Langlais.


In later years, despite a diagnosis of metastatic cancer, she continued her work as Lay Eucharistic Visitor and organist. 

After her death, Capt. Bailey wanted to provide a lasting memorial and this organ project was a perfect tribute. He contributed the entire cost of the organ and its renovation, installation and voicing.

The Organ Project

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