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So many people helped with this project over the course of six years that it was difficult to ensure that no names were missed. So if you know of anyone who worked on this project, even in a small way, but is not listed here, please E-Mail me so that proper credit may be given.

(All names in each section are in alphabetical order)


The late Capt C. W. Bailey (USCG-ret.)

Overall Project Planning and Supervision:

Rev. Robert J. Deshaies

Organist / Choirmaster

Andrew Reid

Removal of the Organ at Princeton:

Brian Bailey
Don Herod

Aline Lacerda

Terrell Manyak
Don Mathis
The late Frank Robertson
Martin Tel
Henry Waite
Marlene Wepf

Organ Chamber Preparation Work:

Whitmore Burrows
Pedro Chavez

Organ Layout Design, Pipe and Chest Renovation, Installation/Wiring in the Chamber and Voicing/Tuning:
Guzowski & Steppe, Inc

Douglas Cable
R. Andres Gunther 
Walther A Guzowski  
Christopher B Kane
The late John Steppe

Console Solid-State Conversion and Miscellaneous Work: 
Brian Bailey
Jill Drainer

Stop List

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