You Can So
Eat Your Cake
And Have It Too!

This is a tale of a young boy who, above all, wanted to become a Ship's Captain.

Spanning many decades, read in this autobiography how a young lad of 10, while visiting a Coast Guard Cutter, determined to become a ship's Captain both in the United States Coast Guard and in the Merchant Marine, for a lifetime at sea.


Despite a physical handicap that prevented his application to the USCG Academy, he achieved a record number of nine seagoing CG cutter commands.
This included buoy tenders, a weather station ship that performed a major rescue at sea, a polar icebreaker and a high-speed 36,000 HP search and rescue cutter.
He completed his 30-year career as Deputy Commander, Coast Guard Eastern Area.
This career was followed with another 10 years in command of large tankers and an oil exploration ship.
All the while he continued to fulfill his strong love of classical music performance, which continues to this day, even as he ages to the high eighties.

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